1. Filthy from camping, scratched from brambles, stained from plums. 
    September is a month you can hold in your hands.


    Ted Hughes on Emily Dickinson:

    "This theory supposes that the eruption of her imagination and poetry followed when she shifted her passion, with the energy of desperation, from this lost man onto his only possible substitute — the entire Universe in its Divine aspect.”

    the entire universe in its divine aspect

  2. This cat was the best cat.

    Cat watched me as I dressed, read, undressed, slept.
    Cat sat with me on the bed as I cried and cried. 
    Cat was a street cat so knew about tough times.

    Cat emailed me some meows after I moved to Ireland.
    I am sorry not to have been there at the end.

  3. And then I had the wish for wings, Arthur Beckett 

    That desire which we all have at times for wings, WH Hudson

  4. And I will get blackberries on my way home. Autumn is no time for books.

  5. Sunday, 6am. I walked through long wet grass with the intention of cleaning the mud from my boots, and after that was done, to keep walking for as long as it felt good. I saw crane flies.

    I mean, I saw hundreds of crane flies. Hundreds of crane flies clambering through the grass.

  6. We talk about magical trinkets given in the forest, that turn, on leaving, into dry leaves or dull stones.

  7. A magpie moth.

    I fell down the stairs, I fell over in the kitchen.

    "World is crazier and more of it than we think"

    I hope you had a good weekend.

  8. Late summer, soft thistle-down.

    "Seen against deep greens and browns of the vegetation in late summer it appears white, but compared with a white feather or white flower we see that it is silvery, with a faint yellow or brown tinge, lighter but a little like the brown tinge in the glistening transparent wings of some dragon-flies and other insects."

    WH Hudson

  9. Sussex Uni clearly have plans for the field.  They have dug along the hedgerow edge of the field where it meets the woodland and put up low temporary fencing.  They have also cut down the bramble bushes at the far end near the entrance to the woods and also cut down a couple of trees, one of which must have been apple because I collected some windfalls left by a tree stump.  They are now digging a trench along the side of the current tarmacked area, ready for fencing.  

    Thank god for good friends who send me updates on my favourite fields.


  10. Quiz: Hemingway or Peig?

    "There were two big sandwiches of meat and the goaty cheese apiece, and [redacted] had cut thick slices of onion with his clasp knife and put them on each side of the meat and cheese between the chunks of bread."

    "When night fell, I was sitting at the fireside with a fine glowing fire in front of me."

    "I should have bought a large piece of bread and eaten it instead of skipping a meal. I could taste the lovely brown crust. But it is dry in your mouth without something to drink."

    "I hung the kettle over the fire and while I was waiting for it to boil I fixed the table in the middle of the kitchen. Then [redacted] got up, and bringing with her three kinds of bread, she sliced it on a bread board. There was plenty of jam and butter on the table too."

    "When I awoke in the morning the sun was shining brightly. I got up out of bed and put on my clothes."

  11. Looks like rain at a distance.

  12. First blackberries of the year at St Nahi’s.

  13. Good morning.
    Here’s a new week.

  14. If one were asked to name an employment consistent with perfect idleness it would be difficult to suggest a better than that of watching a lark melting out of sight into the sky, and then finding it again. This you may do in Caburn’s hollow as nowhere else. The song of the lark thus followed by eye and ear—for song and bird become one—passes naturally into the music of the spheres: there exist in the universe only yourself and this cosmic twitter.

    Highways & Byways in Sussex, EV Lucas

  15. These photos were taken 3 years apart. This field is on the way out of Sussex University, heading north towards Ditchling, on my walk home.

    Going through my pictures just now, it’s clear that I’ve spent years walking in the same places and taking the same photos over and over.

    My all-time hero, Nick Papadimitriou:

    “Sometimes I feel like it’s all been a colossal waste of time, actually. When I should have been raising a family and earning, I’ve just been staring at scratch marks on pieces of concrete, and getting the same views again and again and again and taking them in until I know them by heart. Wandering around streets for years on end, serving no purpose whatsoever. It’s all going to get swept away anyway.”